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For the Love
of Food 


Anyone visiting Restaurant The Villa @ Marigot Bay can expect a beautiful, romantic and relaxing ambience, with friendly staff that offer top notch customer service while offering different mouth watering meal options.

Above all, we want our customers to experience true hospitality through personalized service; to experience a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, with a focus on delicious food paired with good affordable quality wines.  

Our team is bringing French, Indian and Lucian tastes using fresh quality ingredients prepared in the kitchen everyday. The menus have a varied choice of both global and local inspired dishes.

Image by Kevin Kelly
Image by Brooke Lark

For the love of Art

Restaurant The Villa @ Marigot Bay proudly features an art exhibition of  Saint Lucia's famous artists Alwyn St Omer & Peter Walcott.
ALL paintings are for sale at the restaurant 4

IMG-0781 (2).jpg

Alwyn St Omer

He permanently exhibits some of his major work, like the “Moon Dancer Masquerade'' series of paintings, in our dining room.

An artist and storyteller with a deep passion and lifelong desire to document and to preserve his island’s Heritage. To draw, to paint and to rediscover the Treasure that is the great expanse of St Lucia’s Folklore, it’s Art, myths and traditions. Alwyn is a master draughtsman and colourist defining and refining images in a style that is uniquely his own.



st omer painting.jpg

Peter Walcott

Peter Walcott's inclination to painting has always been there, from youth, influenced strongly by the artistic environment (painting, literature, theatre & architecture) in which he was raised. He comes from a family of painters, both his late grandfather, Warwick Walcott an his father, the Honourable Derek Walcott, being accomplished watercolorists.

His current series of semi realistic vivid works are based on the island using a watercolour like technique with acrylics on canvas.

When asked about painting he says, "I am inspired simply by the beauty of Saint Lucia.  Art to Peter Walcott is "the ability to express what one sees in reality into a two dimensional presentation."r-59/

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